The Process

Since each project can vary greatly, this is a general idea of the process but may change depending on the detail, and size of the project.

Initial Visit

After setting up an appointment, Weese Remodeling will come to your residence to discuss the project. During this time we will take measurements and pictures of the project. We will also discuss your project to determine what things are important for you to have in your design and what ideas you may have already come up with.

Office Visit

We will invite you to schedule a meeting at our office to discuss a general scope of the work to be done, the products being used, and give ballpark costs of the project. If the cost is within your budget we will then start a formal estimate and design work. We will charge a fee to draft the design, but will be refunded to you if the price is more than the ballpark price given. This fee is also given back to you as a credit if you choose to use Weese Remodeling for your project.

Preliminary Design & Estimate

During this step Weese Remodeling will be taking your thoughts and ideas and turn them into a rendering (if applicable). This rendering allows for more accurate interpretation of what you requested in your project to work out any details that you may desire to change.

Review of Designs

An appointment is scheduled for you to come to the design studio to see your design and what the estimated cost is based on that design. We will walk you through the design and costs, to help you perfect the design in any way. Here we will also look the selections of materials to be used: flooring, countertops, cabinets, etc.

Written Contract

A formal contract is then constructed based on the review of the designs and any changes that are made. This will then be given to you to overlook and sign to agree upon the work laid out in the contract.


Once the contract is signed, we will begin the scheduling and ordering of materials. If permits apply, we will begin the construction as soon as they are obtained. We will correspond with you regularly to update you on the progress and schedule of the work. You are free to call any time to discuss your project.